Addressing Alzheimer’s


Developer of Aricept, the number one standard of care treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease for over 25 years, AmyriAD CEO Sharon L Rogers brings more than 30 years of leadership and service to the science and strategy of drug development. From championing start-ups to directing global large-cap companies, Rogers’ dynamic verve for improving the lives of Alzheimer’s patients has been consistent throughout her career. But why has so little progress been made in Alzheimer’s treatment options? After making her debut on The Medicine Maker Power List 2023, we spoke to Rogers to find out why.


Is enough being done in Alzheimer’s and dementia research?

Whilst Aricept is a great accomplishment, it is also a reminder that we have not done enough to move the needle in patient management. There’s been a longstanding effort toward disease modification in Alzheimer’s, which has come about from research into pathological proteins, such as amyloid plaques and tau tangles. The conventional wisdom had been that if we could get rid of these proteins, we could cure the disease, but it’s not that easy! Amyloid plaques and tangles are certainly a part of the problem, but even after we remove much of this protein accumulation, there remains significant evidence of dysfunction. When intervention is early, some of these drugs have effectively delayed disease progression. However, no drugs have been shown to halt or reverse the disease. In later stages of Alzheimer’s, these drugs have demonstrated no measurable benefit – it appears too much damage is already done.


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