AmyriAD’s Alzheimer’s drug ready for Phase 3 trials

January 11, 2023

AmyriAD CEO tempers expectations on lecanemab and explains how layering therapies may help “turn the clock back” further for Alzheimer’s patients.

While much of the limelight at the recent Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference was focused on the data from Eisai and Biogen’s lecanemab clinical trial, it wasn’t the only trial data that caught the eye. Los Angeles biopharma start-up AmyriAD Therapeutics presented Phase 2 clinical trial data of its own Alzheimer’s drug, AD101, which demonstrated promising evidence of additive improvement of cognition and global function in patients with Alzheimer’s. The company is now raising funds to take the drug through Phase 3 trials.

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