In this episode, we sit down with Sharon Rogers, the CEO of Amyriad Therapeutics, a leading company in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. Their dedication to developing innovative therapies is making a profound impact on patients’ lives.

Sharon’s journey is truly inspiring. From founding her first business in college to a remarkable 35-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Highlighted by being a global leader and development strategist behind the highly successful AD treatment, Aricept.

In our conversation, Sharon shares valuable insights on maintaining perspective through the ups and downs of drug development. We explore her outlook for biotech companies amidst the current financial crunch, the importance of considering patient and caregiver needs in healthcare economics, and practical strategies for operationalizing a patient focus when building high-performing teams.

What struck me the most was Sharon’s unwavering commitment to Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Her positive perspective and dedication shine through.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Sharon Rogers on leading the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease and building patient-centric healthcare solutions.

Some highlights of our conversation include:

2:58 – Prospects for the BioTech Downturn

4:20 – The roll of art in life and leadership

11:28 – Becoming a person with perspective

14:37 – Leading with patient implications in mind

17:50 – Unspoken Drivers of Healthcare economics

19:51 – Memories are worth fighting for

21:00 – Operationalizing Being Patient Driven

24:41 – What Makes a High-Performing team?

29:43 – Similarities between being a leader and figure skating judge

35:02 – Growth without entitlement

37:33 – Learning how to face negativity

46:15 – One conversation for every life science CEO


Listen to the full episode here: Conversations Life Science Leaders Aren’t Having: Perspectives on Healthcare Leadership and Patient-Centricity – with Sharon Rogers on Apple Podcasts